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We were founded on the concept of building the best possible version of yourself. Not just simply cosmetic but someone that feels good in their own skin. Our profession interacts with people all the time that look great, but feel terrible in so many different ways.

Our approach was more holistic. We wanted to work with our patients to revitalize everything about themselves so that they felt as good as they looked and it showed. We want our patients to be happy, healthy and at peace with who they are. We are here to help you start on a journey to be the best you can be.

Post-Op Care

We not only offer this service to our post-op patients, but we also extend this to any and all patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery both in and out of the country. VCMD also has non-surgical body contouring as a way to smooth and tighten your contours outside of any surgical procedure. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Come see for yourself why VCMD stands apart from other wellness facilities. 

Dr. Gregory has 16 years experience as a board certified Emergency Medicine physician. Through her extensive training, she has developed a passion for patient advocacy, holistic wellbeing, weight loss, fitness, and cosmetic procedures including injectables and awake liposculpture. She has discovered how to transform into the best version of herself, and she is now ready to walk this journey with her patients.

The Latest Advancement in Body Sculpting
Technology is Finally Here!

  • No General Anesthesia
  • Rapid Healing
  • Natural Fat Transfer
  • No Scalpel & No Sutures
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