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IV Therapy

What is the procedure for?

IV Therapy

IV therapy is extremely versatile. It’s not only minimally invasive, but it addresses problems quickly. Most people think it has to do with just hydration, but that’s only part of the picture. VCMD stands out because we focus our IV therapy on the diagnosis, not the symptom. You can find special formulations for anxiety, depression, low libido, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, some cardiac diseases, and much more. We also currently have our most popular therapy, the Vital Immune Booster, which is loaded with Vitamin C, minerals and anti-oxidants. We want to show you how much we value IV therapy in our facility, so we have several package options for you.  We can also come to you.

IV Therapy

Let Us Come To You!

Vita-Royal Rush infusion:

  • A 500cc blend of antioxidant vitamins, minerals & amino acids formulated to promote maximum energy, health, recovery & vitality.
  • This infusion has a blend of B-complex vitamins, B12 for energy, magnesium, calcium gluconate and more.

$135/Office + $20/Mobile

Vita-Optimal Healing infusion:

  • A 500cc blend of antioxidant vitamins, minerals & amino acids formulated to promote reduction of free radicals, promote cellular rejuvenation, skin health and increases collagen production.
  • This infusion is optimal for Vital Connection surgical patients. The blend consists of a high vitamin C content, glutathione and B12 & B complex vitamins.
$135/Office + $20/Mobile

Vita-Health & Energy infusion:

  • The infusion has a blend of B complex vitamins including, B1, B2, B3, B5 & B6. Also included is selenium, glutathione, Vitamin C and carnitine building amino acids plus more.
  • A 500cc blend of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plus glutathione, formulated to rapidly restore body balance, hydration & energy.
$140/Office + $20/Mobile

Vita-Hangover Infusion:

  • Get rehydrated with the 1000cc IV infusion of sodium chloride 0.9%. This hydration bag has antiemetics for fighting nausea while moisturizing your system.

$135/Office + $20/Mobile


  • Developed by the late Dr. John Myers, this cocktail of multivitamins is great for boosting mood, energy and immunity.

$135/Office + $35/Mobile

Vita-Custom Infusion:

  • Simply share your symptoms with one of our IV professionals and the appropriate vitamins will be added to help heal your system. Below are add-On’s for Semi-Custom Hydration Vita-Bags.
  • · Extra fluids (1000cc) $20.00
  • · Glutathione Push (1000mg) $25.00
  • · Lysine (200mg) $15.00
  • · Vitamin C. (25g) $25.00
  • · Anti-Nausea. (4mg) $15.00
  • · Magnesium. (1600mg) $15.00
Varies |500cc

Physician-Prescribed IV Therapy:

  • · Anti-Aging Protocol
  • · Anxiety Protocol
  • · Asthma Protocol
  • · Cancer Protocol
  • · CHF Protocol
  • · Chronic Fatigue/Viral Protocol
  • Hepatitis/Liver Function Protocol
Varies |500cc

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Vital Connection

The practice of Dr. Bilge Gregory, MD, located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. We provide high end services in a spa environment that is designed to not only help you feel great, but look even better.

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Summer Sun
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"I would highly recommend Vital Connections for body sculpting! Dr. Gregory is experienced, professional, thoughtful and efficient. She listens and tries to accommodate your schedule and concerns."
Kimberly K
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"My first visit with Dr. Gregory was a great experience. She is very knowledgeable and is willing to go the extra mile to find the appropriate treatments suited for my medical needs. I was nervous about doing Botox for migraines, but she made me feel comfortable and very welcome. I had the same doctor for years and finding her was the best decision I've ever made. I highly recommend her services!"
Godeyvio Castro
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"I been fortunate to meet Dr. Gregory! She's extremely passionate about elevating others and the world to become a healthier place. She's knowledgeable on so many platforms and modalities. Her staff is amazing and i know it's because they are a reflection of her. I highly recommend working with her!"

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