Whether you’re going through the healing process after a mental breakdown, a moment of weakness, breakup, or medical recovery – your mind is your strongest asset. It can help you overcome the most challenging moments and even make you learn and thrive on them.

The time it takes you to heal strongly depends on the approach you take. Here are my five hearty teaching moments you can turn to when going through your own healing process.

Don’t get it wrong – vulnerability does make you strong 

What are your immediate thoughts when you hear somebody saying: “I’m not feeling my best today, could you help me?” Now, try to imagine yourself expressing that to others. How did your emotions change? 

If you’ve noticed a difference and felt more guilty when picturing yourself saying that out loud, the reason is that we tend to be more understanding towards other people than ourselves. That’s something that needs to change, and as much as the journey is not exactly a bed of roses, the effort is worth it. 

Although sharing vulnerabilities is sometimes still frowned upon, the power of acknowledging and communicating openly how you feel will bring you an enormous sense of empowerment. In the end, you’ll learn to value your emotions more, prioritize your well-being, and stay aware of your mental state, which will ultimately transfer into better physical wellbeing as well.

Regardless of what you’ve been told – vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. 

Invest in meditation to balance your inner vibration

We live in a noisy world. Quite literally, actually: Noise levels in cities can reach up to 95 dBAs, ten dBAs above harmful breaking point. We also live in an environment of intrusive screen lights. We live in a society filled with buzz and bustle. There needs to be a moment for us to say: enough.

Meditation empowers you to stay present. It teaches you how to be with yourself regardless of external fuss and distractions. But you might think, how’s that even possible with everything I have on my plate every single day?

The key is adjusting the mindset. It’s not that we don’t have time – no one simply has full ownership of time. You can change your routine: Instead of scrolling through your favorite social media platform, you can choose to go to your inner space “dimension,” where you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the thoughtless state of mind.

Wherever focus goes, the energy flows

When following this mindset, you realize that focusing intensely on a goal can generate a flood of good energy to assist you in achieving it. By allowing your stream of consciousness to flow freely but staying focused on one particular project, you gain access to part of your mind that hasn’t been discovered before. 

You extend your creativity and inventiveness, ending up seeing the great things you can achieve when allowing your mind to concentrate on a specific idea. Keeping your focus on activities that really inspire you creates this one-of-a-kind energizing traction that brings up what’s best in you.

If it doesn’t make you glow, let it go

As humans, our existence – and the expressions of it – are beautiful, always. . But if you crave to change your appearance, let’s say, through cosmetic surgery transformation – go for it! No one should influence your true, well-thought-out desires once you set your heart on them. Instead of focusing on external opinions, believe in yourself. That way, you’re more likely to choose a life for yourself that truly makes you feel good.

Despite the expectations from virtually anyone around you, say “yes” to things that excite you and be brave enough to say “no,” embracing your boundaries and growing your self-esteem. 

Where’s confusion, there’s no friendship fusion

As simple as it goes – if somebody likes you, you’ll know. If they don’t, you’ll feel confused – and that’s all you need to know. This unsettling feeling of uncertainty or discomfort that makes you put on an act while being around someone is the first and the only red flag you should be aware of when forming a new connection with someone.

When it comes to meeting you people, that’s not really a quantum physics level of complexity. Yet, we still tend to get lost in socially-driven obligations, keeping up appearances, and denying our initial feelings and impressions. 

More than anything, stay honest with yourself and others. That way, you’ll never lose a sense of yourself. What’s more, you’ll build friendships that will last a lifetime, leading you to fun and support instead of anxiety and frustrations.

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