If the Nucleus is Not the Mind of the Cell, Then What Is It?

The human genome project not only uncovered just how complex the sequence of DNA is in living organisms but revealed that the majority of organisms found here on Earth have very similar, if not virtually identical, genomes. Did you know we have 99.9% of the same genome as bananas?! Another research model that scientists have […]

It’s the Environment, Stupid!

Hello! Welcome and thank you for joining me in another post in my series Meta-Moments. I had so much fun writing my previous post on The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton (see: Looking Beyond our DNA for Life’s Determinism) that I decided to go ahead and dive into Chapter 2 of this incredibly novel book. Chapter […]

Looking Beyond our DNA for Life’s Determinism

In this Meta-Moments post, we will be discussing the book The Biology of Belief, one of my favorites, written by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Here’s a little background information on Dr. Lipton: He is the father of epigenetics, and it’s not just because of his over four decades of studying the field of cellular biology. Additionally, […]

Introduction to Dr. Gregory’s Meta-Moments

Hello, VCMD family! I hope this blog post finds you safe and well. First and foremost, thank you for embarking with me on this exciting blog journey named Dr. Gregory’s Meta-Moments. This post will be my initial blog, with several more insightful blogs to come. I cannot wait to dive into material that you will […]